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arxiv ref Title Authors Node Supervisor ESRs
1711.07957 Heavy Flavor Wilson Coefficients in Deep-Inelastic Scattering: Recent Results J. Ablinger, A. Behring, J. Bluemlein, A. De Freitas, A. von Manteuffel, C. Schneider
1711.09742 Iterative and Iterative-Noniterative Integral Solutions in 3-Loop Massive QCD Calculations J. Ablinger, A. Behring, J. Bluemlein, A. De Freitas, E. Imamoglu, M. van Hoeij, A. von Manteuffel, C.G. Raab, C.-S. Radu, and C. Schneider
1711.09875 The HiggsTools Handbook: Concepts and observables for deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector M. Boggia, J. M. Cruz-Martinez, H. Frellesvig, N. Glover, R. Gomez-Ambrosio, G. Gonella, Y. Haddad, A. Ilnicka, S. Jones, Z. Kassabov, F. Krauss, T. Megy, D. Melini, D. Napoletano, G. Passarino, S. Patel, M. Rodriguez-Vazquez, T. Wolf
1712.00745 The massive 3-loop operator matrix elements with two masses and the generalized variable flavor number scheme J. Ablinger, J. Bluemlein, A. De Freitas, A. Goedicke, C. Schneider, K. Schoenwald, F. Wissbrock
1712.08541 Special functions, transcendentals and their numerics J. Ablinger, J. Bluemlein, M. Round, C. Schneider
1712.09889 The Heavy Quark Form Factors at Two Loops J. Ablinger, A. Behring, J. Bluemlein, G. Falcioni, A. De Freitas, P. Marquard, N. Rana, C. Schneider