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Junior ESR (PhD) at ETH Zurich (CH)

Host Institution: ETH Zurich (CH)
Number of months: 24 (+12)
Period: October 2014 - September 2017
Supervisor: Professor Guenther Dissertori and Professor Stefano Pozzorini
Objectives: The candidate will work towards a substantial improvement of the sensitivity to Higgs boson production in association with top-antitop pairs (ttH) and direct measurement of the top- and bottom-Higgs Yukawa couplings (WP3).
Secondments: Short visits to any of the partners, particularly CERN depending on the development of the project. Two months in UZH and UDUR for training in higher order calculations and implementation in codes, one month at FOM for interfacing with codes, one month at ALU-FR for interfacing with different experimental codes and a secondment in one of our private sector partners Maplesoft, Wolfram Research and Shell.