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Senior ESR at Freiburg University and Max Planck Institute, Munich (DE)

Host Institution: Freiburg University and Max Planck Institute, Munich (DE)
Number of months: 12 (+24)
Period: October 2014 - September 2017
Supervisor: Professor Stefan Dittmaier, Professor Gudrun Heinrich and Professor Frank Krauss
Objectives: The candidate will work on fully automated virtual matrix elements and multijet-merged samples at NLO for all relevant Higgs boson production & decay channels and their backgrounds; inclusion of dominant electroweak corrections into calculation and simulation (WP3).
Secondments: Short visits to any of the partners, particularly Durham depending on the development of the project. Three months at Max Planck Institute in Munich for training in code development. A secondment in one of our private sector partners Maplesoft, Wolfram Research and Shell.