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Skills that are complementary to disciplinary skills, i.e. time and project management, communication, IPR, ethics, grant writing, CV writing, interviews, obtaining postdoctoral positions, networking, commercial exploitation of results, research policy, looking for simplicity, entrepreneurship, etc., are vital and will be developed both locally and in network-wide events.

Cultural integration

Young Researchers will be able to enroll on one of the many language courses provided by the respective university language center.

Meeting Organization

The ESRs will be involved in the organization of the network workshops, schools and conferences and, by the end of their contract, should have helped in the organization of at least one of these
meetings. The ESRs will be actively involved in planning the scientific programme to learn about how to structure the scientific content. They will also help in the organization of the weekly seminars and journal clubs.

Grant Applications

A important element of research is gaining funding through grant applications. Local supervisors will provide advice on how to structure applications, correctly fill in the necessary forms and write
research projects as well as guiding them in the search for appropriate calls from national, European and international institutions.

Building Collaborations

The Young Researchers will be trained to become interactive and communicate their ideas, both in person and using tools such as EVO, Twiki, Facebook etc, and to initiate collaborations. HiggsTools provides a unique opportunity to develop these talents, and the Young Researchers will be encouraged to work in intra- and inter-node teams composed of colleagues of different nationalities having
a range of technical background and expertise.

Time management

The supervisor will help the Young Researcher to focus on project and time management including the identification of milestones, the prioritization of activities and the effective use of resources.

Formal training in transferable skills

We will provide one half day of training in complementary skills at each of the Summer Schools and Young Researcher Meetings. The topics will be decided by the Training Board with particular input from the ESRs. The training will be provided by specialists from the Durham Graduate School Training Team and the options include: preparing for Your Viva, supporting Learning in Small Groups in the Sciences, reviewing Your Teaching, preparing to Teach Large Groups, the Basis of Thesis Writing, an Introduction to Time Management, presentation Practice Session, communication Skills for All Occasions, making an application for an academic fellowship, developing Interpersonal Skill for Professional Relationships, a Career in Academia: Making Successful Applications, making it count - increasing the impact of your research, project Management for Researchers, running a Business, etc.. In addition, we will provide the following network-wide formal training in complementary skills.

Enterprise skills

We will hold a 4-day residential school for enterprise skills  where the Young Researchers will spend four days exploring and developing enterprise skills.

Media training

Brook Lapping/Newton TV will provide the necessary media training to make two short films. We will involve the ESRs in the production of the film, putting in place a media training package to prepare them to do this. Guided by an experienced science programme maker, the ESRs will gain hands on skills in the production of science programmes from both sides of the camera. Topics covered will include: programme research, scripting and contributor selection; directing and camera skills; post-production editing and final delivery.

Presentation skills

During the first Young Researcher Meeting at UDUR, we will provide a one-day course on the key considerations when planning a presentation, different types of presentation structure, and the use
of visual aids and supplementary material. During the period of the network, the ESRs will be given many opportunities to practice these skills.