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As you all well know, it's within our administrative duties the creation of a committee to: discuss our outreach strategy, organise future meetings, "elect" two people to represent us in the Higgstools Supervisory Committee*...

Future meetings are kind of sorted out for the moment. The "outreach strategy" at this point is just "let's write something in the blog". This needs some development, but it's not a really pressing matter at the moment.

However, we've been slacking off in the selection of the two "envoyées". I know that some of you already said something along the line of "well... I can do it if no one else comes forward" but we need something "official".

If you think your political prowess is something to be proud of, step forward! Higgstools needs you! (If we have more than two volunteers we can hold an election or select randomly).

Ps: As far as I remember, there's no actual deadline, but we should sort this out before Freiburg.

* Was that the name?