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Hi all,

I thought about opening this channel to discuss points regarding our secondments. Most of us will have to start moving soon and we could use this thread to help each other giving information about the nodes where we are or asking any question about our destinations.

This can be very useful specially for the housing part. I don't know if you plan to stay 3 months in a hotel, but in case you prefer a house, room or student dorm, I'm sure the locals know much better where to look and have better tips. Also if people are moving in and out of a node at the same time maybe we can think about subletting each other our rooms/apartments (in case it's allowed). I wouldn't like to have my flat closed for 3 months accumulating dust and spider nets, and I would be happy to sublet it to some of you!

I thought it is better to open this discussion here than to ask for information privately since this way we will avoid overlapping. Also for instance if you are coming to Torino, it's good if you post it here instead of writing to me, since Cosimo, Giulia, Giulio and Michele might have better tips for you... ;)