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Let's try to move this discussion re outreach here, Shruti, Joosep, who else jumped into discussion at FB, please copy your thoughts & ideas here.
The whiteboard after our ESR's meeting in Alps was covered with:

1) ESR's life @ HiggsTools
2) "Blog-Outreach-Club"
3) Web platform

about? science & how we do it
to whom? General Public
how? Internet

The general idea would be to clarify what exactly we should do to cover outreach which is expected from us. Your ideas, the more detailed, the better, are very welcome.


{beginning of my ideas..}
Moving to what I'd have in mind thinking about outreach would be the blog/website on which:
1) We should post some science describing articles prepared by us, on some regular basis, i.e. once two weeks. The scheme as in JC seems to be the good one, i.e. you're assigned (on preference or random basis) to write sth (if you have some time constrs, eg. because of holidays/conferences/etc should inform in advance, keeping in mind that it is obligatory to write sth at some point) The topic probably should be connected with particle physics and the level should be such so your no-physics friends/family/whoever should be able to understand and even somehow enjoy it :P (For motivation we can also choose to have pairs which will work on one article - then mb pressure will be higher and work done better, on the other hand it means having to co-write ~2 articles rather that ~one per year)
2) Extra to above we should post our photos/videos on our more-less everyday scientific lives, e.g. there was Davide Melini's photo from start of run II from ATLAS control room (?) - perfect example of photo which can be posted with just short descript/news; probably more of us have some nice physics related photos, i.e. while visiting detectors/ giving talk at conference ...
3) And we can also link to other physic's outreach: some videos, other pages, etc.

This convention would probably require tot: ~1day work /year/person while working on article, as photos/videos we'll do anyhow for ourselves, and writing one or few sentences on headline is 10mins. I've zero experience with the webpages, so mb someone more experience can estimate how hard/time-consuming would be the setup and maintenance of it..? (Raquel?)
I'd say we should aim in people aged from high-school till whatever. In my opinion the point 2 is really as important as 1: there is quite low understanding what "job:physicist" means in practice, however 2 w/o 1 would be just fun for us, but no real outreach. How many people can we reach, and what would be the outcome...? No idea. However I think this scheme would have a good "involvement/reach" ratio (thanks to the domination of small numerator as long as we'll not want to do too much. I've no idea what is behaviour when numerator rises, if some of us are willing to involve themselves more... any ideas?)

The above somehow covers the ideas which popped out during our meeting.
{...end of my ideas}

Cheers and thanks for great school!