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Some of us are starting to plan the groups for going to Maplesoft on spring next year (ie, the ones that set april-june '16 in the Doodle poll). Since there might be more people interested on joining the adventure I'm writing here the current state of affairs:

Following Johannes' mail this morning, I've received a mail from one of the guys at Maplesoft:
Dear Juan,
it's great that you are organizing a group of potential candidates for internships at Maplesoft, and I am looking forward to see your resumes.
Note, however, that it may not be possible, due to limited desk space etc., for all of you to come to Waterloo at the same time. Groups of 2-3 at a time would be best.

Regarding the projects, at the moment this is all the information we have:

Some possible projects are:

* Parallel and grid computing
* Extend Maple's Physics package
* Symbolic integration and symbolic summation
* Special functions
* Symbolic limit computations
* Something that you would be interested in (please indicate that in your CV)

We are setting ourselves a deadline for tomorrow afternoon (we plan to send a joint mail on Friday morning) .

(Since we are, in principle, more than three people, we need to create two groups so it's not going to be only April-June)
If there's anyone else interested on joining the trip to Canada please say so!