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As Davide didn't want to create thread on forum I can do it for him :)

Davide N's written:
The JC question, I've so far received Tim's comment/answer, are you still thinking about it? Please do answer to this mail with what your feeling are about this.
Also attached to the previous question start saying whether you would like to be next JC organiser as Yacine and I won't be doing it forever...

{My comments re new JC scheme}
I think scheme in which someone presents a paper is good, also regarding organisation among so many places. What could be maybe more interesting and/or useful for person presenting, would be not to cross assign paper theoretical to experimentalist et vice versa, but on this moment of time (when we have already some progress in our projects), maybe we can start to have JC regarding our own papers or papers/topics which we're using while doing our research. It would be more explaining (in manner so it can be +/- grasped by everyone) rather than presenting paper, compared to the e.g. conference talks.