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Seems like a good idea to open individual threads to discuss secondments at all the three places. (Thanks Juan!) From what I know as of now, Matias, Michelle and I want to go to Wolfram in spring of 2016 (April-July'16 window). We are planning to skype tomorrow (Thursday 9th July) afternoon to discuss the details, and anyone else who would like to join the discussion is welcome to do so! Just email one of us or let us know here so that we can decide on a specific time.

Things to discuss:

1. As far as I know, none of us have emailed the guy at Wolfram and we should get to it soon. We need to first find out if they have open positions in our period of interest.

2. Once we know that for sure, we should reply to Johannes. If there are no open positions or if they don't have enough positions, what are the alternatives?

3. Discussion about resumes- what do they want exactly? I can ask Emanuelle, the ESR from LHCPhenoNet who went to Wolfram, to send me a sample of what he sent them.

4. Housing? Visas? (for me) Misc topics.