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Following what Aga (and Nigel) said I'm creating this group in order to sort ourselves out for the YRM.
So far we are the less organised... The senior speaker would be Frank Krauss, he already accepted but he will be staying only until Thursday (so, not too much involvement in the WG from him I guess).

If I understand correctly we have a couple of senior ESRs, should be Nicolas and Yacine, that I think, should be enough. I suggest that we collect here ideas for the WG.

=================== My "Idea" ===================

I guess that one doable/relevant thing we could do, is to pick a relevant process (relevant for as many of us as possible) play around with it a little bit. I guess that already setting up a Rivet Analysis, a Sherpa Run Card, doing some PDF variations as well as scales variations could work for the 15hrs (not if we do h+7jets of course!).

As I know nothing about it, I propose the process could be VBF/S...

Please let's do this quickly!