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Georg Weiglein
Scalars 2015
HiggsTools First Annual Meeting
DESY Theory Workshop: Physics at the LHC and beyond
1403.1582 Probing the Standard Model with Higgs signal rates from the Tevatron, the LHC and a future ILC P. Bechtle, S. Heinemeyer, O. Stal, T. Stefaniak, G. Weiglein
1408.4060 The NUHM2 after LHC Run 1 O. Buchmueller, R. Cavanaugh, M. Citron, A. De Roeck, M.J. Dolan, J.R. Ellis, H. Flaecher, S. Heinemeyer, S. Malik, J. Marrouche, D. Martinez Santos, K.A. Olive, K.J. De Vries, G. Weiglein
1411.4652 Interference effects in BSM processes with a generalised narrow-width approximation E. Fuchs, S. Thewes, G. Weiglein
1502.07970 Off-shell effects in Higgs processes at a linear collider and implications for the LHC S. Liebler, G. Moortgat-Pick, G. Weiglein
1504.01726 Physics at the $e^+ e^-$ Linear Collider G. Moortgat-Pick, H. Baer, M. Battaglia, G. Belanger, K. Fujii, J. Kalinowski, S. Heinemeyer, Y. Kiyo, K. Olive, F. Simon, P. Uwer, D. Wackeroth, P.M. Zerwas, A. Arbey, M. Asano, P. Bechtle, A. Bharucha, J. Brau, F. Brummer, S.Y. Choi, A. Denner, K. Desch
1505.03133 Renormalization scheme dependence of the two-loop QCD corrections to the neutral Higgs-boson masses in the MSSM S. Borowka, T. Hahn, S. Heinemeyer, G. Heinrich, W. Hollik
1506.07465 Improved prediction for the mass of the W boson in the NMSSM O. Stal, G. Weiglein, L. Zeune
1507.06706 Applying Exclusion Likelihoods from LHC Searches to Extended Higgs Sectors P. Bechtle, S. Heinemeyer, O. Stal, T. Stefaniak, G. Weiglein
1509.07283 NMSSM interpretations of the observed Higgs signal F. Domingo, G. Weiglein
1610.07922 Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 4. Deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector The LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group
1611.09308 Phenomenology of on-shell Higgs production in the MSSM with complex parameters S. Liebler, S. Patel, G. Weiglein
1705.05757 Impact of CP-violating interference effects on MSSM Higgs searches E. Fuchs, G. Weiglein
1705.06686 Interference effects in MSSM Higgs searches at the LHC E. Fuchs, G. Weiglein
1705.07909 Two-loop top and bottom Yukawa corrections to the Higgs-boson masses in the complex MSSM S. Passehr, G. Weiglein
1706.00346 Reconciling EFT and hybrid calculations of the light MSSM Higgs-boson mass H. Bahl, S. Heinemeyer, W. Hollik, G. Weiglein