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The 10th Workshop of the LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group
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Stefano Forte
Higgs Hunting 2015
1312.6688 Do we need N$^3$LO Parton Distributions? S. Forte, A. Isgro and G. Vita
1404.3204 Updated Higgs cross section at approximate N3LO M. Bonvini, R.D. Ball, S. Forte, S. Marzani, G. Ridolfi
1406.5539 A first unbiased global determination of polarized PDFs and their uncertainties E. R.Nocera, R. D.Ball, S. Forte, G. Ridolfi, J. Rojo
1409.0864 Resummation prescriptions and ambiguities in SCET vs. direct QCD: Higgs production as a case study M. Bonvini, S. Forte, G. Ridolfi, L. Rottoli
1410.8849 Parton distributions for the LHC Run II R. D. Ball, V. Bertone, S. Carrazza, C. S. Deans, L. Del Debbio, S. Forte, A. Guffanti, N. P. Hartland, J. I. Latorre, J. Rojo, M. Ubiali
1505.01279 The Standard Model from the LHC to future colliders: a contribution to the Workshop "What Next" of INFN S.Forte, A.Nisati, G.Passarino, R.Tenchini, C.M.Carloni Calame, M.Chiesa, M.Cobal, G.Corcella, G.Degrassi, G.Ferrera, L.Magnea, F.Maltoni, G.Montagna, P.Nason, O.Nicrosini, C.Oleari, F.Piccinini, F.Riva, A.Vicini
1505.02006 Top Quark Pair Production beyond NNLO C. Muselli, M. Bonvini, S. Forte, S. Marzani, G. Ridolfi
1505.06736 An Unbiased Hessian Representation for Monte Carlo PDFs S. Carrazza, S. Forte, Z. Kassabov, J. I. Latorre, J. Rojo
1508.01529 Higgs production in bottom-quark fusion in a matched scheme S. Forte, D. Napoletano, M. Ubiali
1510.03865 PDF4LHC recommendations for LHC Run II J. Butterworth, S. Carrazza, A. Cooper-Sarkar, A. De Roeck, J. Feltesse, S, Forte, J. Gao, S. Glazov, J. Huston, Z. Kassabov, R. McNulty, A. Morsch, P. Nadolsky, V. Radescu, J. Rojo, R. Thorne
1511.05561 High energy resummation of transverse momentum distributions:Higgs in gluon fusion S. Forte, C. Muselli
1602.00005 Specialized minimal PDFs for optimized LHC calculations S. Carrazza, S. Forte, Z. Kassabov and J. Rojo
1607.00389 Higgs production in bottom-quark fusion: matching beyond leading order S. Forte, D. Napoletano, M. Ubiali
1610.07922 Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections: 4. Deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector The LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group