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arxiv ref Title Authors Node Supervisor ESRs
1402.6293 Next-to-leading order QCD predictions for top-quark pair production with up to two jets merged with a parton shower S. Hoeche, F. Krauss, P. Maierhoefer, S. Pozzorini, M. Schonherr, F. Siegert
1403.7516 Triple vector boson production through Higgs-Strahlung with NLO multijet merging S. Hoeche, F. Krauss, S. Pozzorini, M. Schoenherr, J. M. Thompson, K. C. Zapp
1412.5157 NLO electroweak automation and precise predictions for W+multijet production at the LHC S. Kallweit, J. Lindert, P. Maierhoefer, S. Pozzorini, M. Schoenherr
1502.06595 SecDec-3.0: numerical evaluation of multi-scale integrals beyond one loop S.Borowka, G.Heinrich, S.P.Jones, M.Kerner, J.Schlenk, T.Zirke
1604.00267 Numerical multi-loop calculations: tools and applications S.Borowka, G.Heinrich, S.Jahn, S.P.Jones, M.Kerner, J.Schlenk, T.Zirke
1612.04640 Simulating b-associated production of Z and Higgs bosons with SHERPA F. Krauss, D. Napoletano and S. Schumann
1701.05331 Automated calculation of matrix elements and physics motivated observables Z. Was
1701.07356 Cuts of Feynman Integrals in Baikov representation H. Frellesvig, C.G. Papadopoulos
1703.09252 NLO predictions for Higgs boson pair production with full top quark mass dependence matched to parton showers G. Heinrich, S.P. Jones, M. Kerner, G. Luisoni, E. Vryonidou
1704.03832 Multi-loop calculations: numerical methods and applications S. Borowka, G. Heinrich, S. Jahn, S.P. Jones, M. Kerner, J. Schlenk
1705.01827 To d, or not to d: Recent developments and comparisons of regularization schemes C. Gnendiger, A. Signer, D. Stöckinger, A. Broggio, A. L. Cherchiglia, F. Driencourt-Mangin, A. R. Fazio, B. Hiller, P. Mastrolia, T. Peraro, R. Pittau et al.
1705.06053 NLO electroweak corrections in extended Higgs Sectors with RECOLA2 A. Denner, J.-N. Lang, S. Uccirati