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The main objectives of the HiggsTools training programme are

  • To educate the next generation of European experimental/theoretical particle physicists.
  • To give a firm, broad background in particle physics.
  • To offer training in state of the art computational methods used in high energy physics.
  • To provide Young Researchers with experience of international collaborative research.
  • To establish a scientific ``esprit de corps" which will promote future collaborations.
  • To foster the creativity, independence and judgement required for cutting-edge science.
  • To expose the Young Researchers to opportunities for interdisciplinary research in particle physics.
  • To provide training in complementary skills.
  • To produce versatile researchers with experience of research in academia and the private sector and with transferable skills applicable to both sectors.
  • To help establish young scientists who are capable of enthusiastically communicating their science to the wider public.

We will achieve these goals through a combination of local and network-wide training.