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WP1 is centred on the interpretation of experimental results, compatibility with the SM, constraints on
physics beyond the SM and the discrimination of different models. The work package will be lead by
G. Weiglein (DESY) and C. Mariotti (DFTTO) and involves our associated partner CERN.

Task 1.1: Extraction of model-independent results from data

  • M1.1.1 Extraction of model-independent results for cross sections times branching ratios in different Higgs search channels

  • M1.1.2 Extraction of model-independent results on the V V ! V V cross section

  • M1.1.3 Extending the mass range and coupling range in different Higgs boson search channels

Task 1.2: Measurement of Higgs properties

  • M1.2.1 Extraction of constraints on Higgs couplings from fits to all available data; discussion of model dependence

  • M1.2.2 Extraction of information on Higgs spin and CP properties

Task 1.3: Interpretation of experimental results in different models

  • M1.3.1 Constraints on physics beyond the SM, distinction between different models

Task 1.4: Future European strategy for particle physics