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WP2 concentrates on the development of high-precision predictions for Higgs physics, including signal,
background and their interference. The work package will be lead by G. Heinrich (ALU-FR) and
J. Butterworth (UDUR) and involves our associated partner CERN.

Task 2.1: Improved predictions for Standard Model-like Higgs scenarios

  • M2.1.1 Specialised codes for the SM-like Higgs boson scenario

  • M2.1.2 Better control of theoretical uncertainties for the SM-like Higgs boson scenario

Task 2.2: Improved predictions for non-standard electroweak symmetry breaking scenarios

  • M2.2.1 Precision calculations for vector boson scattering

  • M2.2.2 Precision calculations of non-standard Higgs boson scenarios

  • M2.2.3 Standardised description for non-standard Higgs boson interactions

  • M2.2.4 Interpretation of experimental data in the light of M2.2.3

Task 2.3: Backgrounds

  • M2.3.1 Validation of key Higgs background processes and evaluation of uncertainties derived from extrapolating them to signal regions

  • M2.3.2 Better control of theoretical uncertainties

  • M2.3.3 Specialised codes for low multiplicity background processes