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WP3 is dedicated to the development of Monte Carlo tools and their automation. The work package will be
lead by F. Krauss (UDUR) and E. Richter-Was (IFJ-PAN) and involves our associated partner CERN.
Task 3.1: Improved analysis tools

  • M3.1.1 Tools for boosted objects & fat jets

  • M3.1.2 Fast simulation and reconstruction tools for the LHC

  • M3.1.3 Matrix element techniques for Higgs signals

Task 3.2: Development and automatization of general next-to-leading order tools

  • M3.2.1 Automation of NLO calculations

  • M3.2.2 Automated matching of NLO codes to the parton shower

Task 3.3: PDFs and PDF uncertainties

  • M3.3.1 Improved parton shower with heavy initial states

  • M3.3.2 Methods for PDF uncertainties in shower Monte Carlos

  • M3.3.3 Improved PDFs using LHC data

  • M3.3.4 Consistent PDF fits at NNLO