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Main Training Events Length (Days) Lead Institution Project Month
Kick Off Meeting 2 UDUR 3
First Young Researchers Meeting 3 UDUR 12
First Annual Meeting 3 ALU-FR 15
Summer School 2015 5 DFTTO 18
Second Young Researchers Meeting and Mid-Term Review 3 CERN 21
Second Annual Meeting 3 UGR 27
Summer School 2016 7 UTH 30
Third Young Researchers Meeting 3 DESY 33
Third Annual Meeting 4 DFTTO 39
Summer School 2017 6 UGR 42
Final Network Meeting and Fourth Young Researchers Meeting 5 UDUR 45

Annual Network Conference

There will be an annual network conference (first one hosted by ALU-FR, second by UGR, third by DFTTO) to which external researchers will be invited. The annual meeting will provide an invaluable opportunity for Young Researchers to present their results in a more relaxed atmosphere than one would find at a large conference, with interactive feedback from some of the leading experts in the field.

The Final meeting will review the scientific results achieved during the Network and collect these achievements as a proceedings volume.

Thematic Schools

HiggsTools will organise three schools over the duration of the Network, Torino 2015, Zuoz (ETH) 2016 and Granada 2017. These schools will provide lectures at the cutting edge of particle physics and will be delivered by members of the network and outside experts. The schools will also allocate time for talks and poster presentations by Young Researchers and for contributions from our private sector partners. One half day will be set aside for complementary training.

Young Researchers Meetings

With the exception of the first Young Researchers Meeting, the ESRs will organise the format and content of these meetings. It is expected that they will include a mix of talks by invited scientists, talks by the ESRs themselves, an outreach event and complementary training. The Training Board will help the ESRs to organise the meetings. The first meeting will feature training on Team Building and Presentation Skills.