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Title Authors arxiv ref Node Supervisor ESRs
Third Annual Meeting and Young Editors School 2017
HiggsTools Second Annual Meeting
Juan M Cruz-Martinez
Young Theorists' Forum (YTF 8)
HiggsTools Mid Term Review
Higgs + Jets workshop
HiggsTools Final Network Meeting
Annual Theory Meeting
Thomas Gehrmann
HiggsTools Third Young Researchers Meeting
HiggsTools Second Young Researchers Meeting
HiggsTools First Annual Meeting
Nigel Glover
HiggsTools Annual Summer School 2015
HiggsTools Annual School 2016
HiggsTools First Young Researchers Meeting
NNLO QCD corrections to Higgs boson production at large transverse momentum X. Chen, J. Cruz-Martinez, T. Gehrmann, E.W.N. Glover, M. Jaquier 1607.08817
The HiggsTools Handbook: Concepts and observables for deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector M. Boggia, J. M. Cruz-Martinez, H. Frellesvig, N. Glover, R. Gomez-Ambrosio, G. Gonella, Y. Haddad, A. Ilnicka, S. Jones, Z. Kassabov, F. Krauss, T. Megy, D. Melini, D. Napoletano, G. Passarino, S. Patel, M. Rodriguez-Vazquez, T. Wolf 1711.09875
Jet cross sections and transverse momentum distributions with NNLOJET T. Gehrmann, X. Chen, J. Cruz-Martinez, J.R. Currie, E.W.N. Glover, T.A. Morgan, J. Niehues, D.M. Walker, R. Gauld, A. Gehrmann-De Ridder, A. Huss, J. Pires 1801.06415
Second-order QCD effects in Higgs boson production through vector boson fusion J. Cruz-Martinez, T. Gehrmann, E.W.N. Glover, A. Huss 1802.02445