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VBSCAN Kickoff meeting
Higgs Couplings 2016
HiggsTools Second Annual Meeting
HiggsTools Second Young Researchers Meeting
HiggsTools Annual Summer School 2015
HiggsTools Third Young Researchers Meeting
Higgs Hunting 2015
Higgs Coupling 2014
LHC and the Standard Model: Physics and Tools
28th Rencontres de Blois Particle Physics and Cosmology
GGI lectures on the theory of fundamental interactions
The 11th Workshop of the LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group
Raquel Gomez-Ambrosio
BOOST 2017
HiggsTools First Young Researchers Meeting
HEFT 2016
HiggsTools Final Network Meeting
Planck 2015
Chiara Mariotti
MBI 2017
Third Annual Meeting and Young Editors School 2017
HiggsTools Mid Term Review
HiggsTools First Annual Meeting
Giampiero Passarino
NLO Higgs Effective Field Theory and kappa-framework M. Ghezzi, R. Gomez-Ambrosio, G. Passarino and S. Uccirati 1505.03706
Effective field theories and pseudo-observables in the quest for physics beyond the Standard Model R. Gomez-Ambrosio 1510.02233
Low energy behaviour of standard model extensions M. Boggia, R. Gomez-Ambrosio, G. Passarino 1603.03660
Study of VBF/VBS in the LHC at 13 TeV, the EFT Approach R. Gomez-Ambrosio 1610.07491
Measurement of vector boson scattering and constraints on anomalous quartic couplings from events with four leptons and two jets in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV CMS Collaboration 1708.02812
The HiggsTools Handbook: Concepts and observables for deciphering the Nature of the Higgs Sector M. Boggia, J. M. Cruz-Martinez, H. Frellesvig, N. Glover, R. Gomez-Ambrosio, G. Gonella, Y. Haddad, A. Ilnicka, S. Jones, Z. Kassabov, F. Krauss, T. Megy, D. Melini, D. Napoletano, G. Passarino, S. Patel, M. Rodriguez-Vazquez, T. Wolf 1711.09875